December 2000

December 2000

Workshop HTML in Odžak, Bosnia & Herzegowina

Workshop HTML/webdesign with pupils of the local secondary school in Odzak, Bosnia & Herzegowina – December 16-22, 2000.

Main goal of this project was to construct a multi-media classroom in the school with old computers that we had collected before in Austria. As part of the project we did a workshop webdesign with the students. We asked them to create a website about their town, Odžak, especially describing what they think could be done to make the very destroyed town a better place again.

The students were 13/14 years old. Almost all of these kids spent a big part of their youth in Germany before returning to Bosnia after the war. They were very enthousiastic to write the texts on their first website in German. The stories on this first simple website were all written by themselves.

Website made by the pupils:

One of the students from the gymnasium in Odžak, Bosnia. He made the website about the village together with another student after I introduced them to the basics of HTML.

Date: 21 December 2000
Place: Gymnasium, Odžak, Bosnia
Photo: Cym

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