September 2002

September 2002

Workshop Webdesign at Forum Stadtpark – Graz, Austria

This is the beginning of the ‘Shark Arbeitsraum’, the workingspace that I set up at Forum Stadtpark. The computers were donated for creating a social working space with free internet connection. For about two years I was maintaining the working space with the name ‘Shark’ at Forum Stadtpark. Later I donated the computers to the African restaurant NIL, a project that emerged from the Baodo group. In NIL the machines were just standing around because nobody wanted to use a linux machine, until I picked the machines up again about a year later. Only one of the machines is left now, and will be used in the connected:07 project at Wd8 in September 2007.

The Shark working space was presented during a one week event with workshops, presentations and discussions, that I organized at Forum Stadtpark in March 2003.


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